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Dancing with bipolar is a Mental Health, Christianity, and Lifestyle blog.

All the opinions expressed here-in are my own, based on personal experiences or research, except where stated otherwise. While I intend to provide nothing but accurate information, consider your doctor’s advice superior to the info here in on managing your disease.

Bipolar is a chronic disease that lacks a definitive cure but it can be easily managed with the right medication and psychosocial environment. Information is key, both for the patient and those around them to help them live a full life, at their optimum health. This blog is my attempt to provide my experience on the condition, hopefully to also show that it is possible to live a full life while still battling bipolar. I’m doing this both for the sake of my sanity, and your knowledge.

Be kind as you proceed, and I hope herein you find a hope for a life filled with joy if you like me, are bipolar, or have an affected loved one.

Love, Danielle.

Latest from the Blog

Manic-Depressive Depression

Manic depressive depression is a thing to dread. It’s a heavy black cloth that shrouds you; a thick bush in which you get entangled. It has a way of making itself comfortable in and around you, snaking into all your spaces, so much it takes away your very breathing space. And then you’re left feelingContinue reading “Manic-Depressive Depression”

Are my periods making me “crazy”?

I normally didn’t have PMS symptoms, but since I started a new drug, I noticed that I now tend to be particularly vulnerable to my “crazy swings” during my periods. Curious if I was the only one experiencing this shift, I asked in our WhatsApp group and my joy to find out that I was not crazy to think my periods were making me crazy. It is a thing; periods can make you crazier than usual if you are bipolar! Dive in to learn more about PMS and PMDD with me.

For when you are lonely.

Dear bipolar buddy, When you find yourself in a place where you’re no longer able to keep up pace with your friends or colleagues,When it suddenly feels like the world travelled 1000 miles without you,When you wake up and you’re surrounded by new people, because the people you knew moved on in life and youContinue reading “For when you are lonely.”

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